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Moises Kaufman

The Laramie Project

Fiction | Play | Adult | Published in 2001

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Act III, Moments 6-9

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Act III, Moments 6-9 Summary

In “Aaron McKinney,” we are presented with an excerpt from Aaron McKinney’s confession to Rob DeBree. DeBree asks where Aaron and Russell went after they left the fireside and Aaron tells him that they gave someone he describes as a “queer” (80) a ride. Asked about when they made the decision “about jacking him up” (81), Aaron admits they discussed it at the bar but claims that Matthew grabbed his “genitals” (81) and that’s why he “beat him up pretty bad” (81).

Zackie Salmon tells us, in “Gay Panic,” that when Aaron’s defense claimed that he beat Matthew up for making a pass at him, she felt physically ill, “because that’s like saying it’s okay”(81). On the other hand, Rebecca Hilliker was simultaneously scared and relived by this use of the “‘gay panic’” defense; she felt that the truth was “coming out” (81).

In the next moment, “Aaron McKinney (Continued),” we return to Aaron’s confession. DeBree asks if Matthew tried to defend himself and Aaron says he did, but that his attempts were ineffective. Matthew asked them to stop and started screaming. Russell laughed at first but then got scared. Matthew was conscious when they tied him to the fence.