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Louise Erdrich

The Night Watchman

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2020

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Reading Check, Multiple Choice & Short Answer Quizzes

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Chapters 1-10

Reading Check

1. Where does Patrice work?

2. Name one of Thomas’s jobs.

3. Who and where is Vera?

4. Who does Thomas see while at work?

Multiple Choice

1. The notion that being named after the muskrat is perfect for Thomas is an example of what?

A) assonance

B) foreshadowing

C) metaphor

D) imagery

2. Why does Patrice want to stop going by “Pixie”?

A) She thinks that Pixie is a silly name.

B) She always hated the name.

C) She feels like she is an adult now and should go by her full name.

D) She feels like it’s time for a change and might go back to the name one day.

3. What does Patrice’s desire for a watch say about her family’s situation?

A) It tells us that they are dependent on her keeping her job.

B) It tells us that they are not willing to buy a clock.

C) It tells us that they have a lot of free time.

D) It tells us that they don’t follow a schedule.

4. What does it mean when Moses says, “They mean to drop us” (23)?

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