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Tana French

The Trespasser

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2016

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Chapters 17-18Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 17 Summary

Breslin confronts Conway and Steve about interrogating McCann. Breslin tells them they don’t have all the facts. In Breslin’s version, McCann walked into Aislinn’s place shortly after she was murdered. He cleaned up any fingerprint evidence so that he wouldn’t be implicated. He turned off the cookstove to prevent the smoke alarm from alerting someone to trouble. He then contacted Breslin to explain the situation. Breslin began damage control by anonymously calling in the tip and getting Conway and Steve assigned to the case so he could watch their every move. Conway thinks ruefully:


It plays; of course it plays. Just like McCann’s story does, and Rory’s, and Lucy’s. All these stories. They hum like fist-sized hornets in the corners of the ceiling, circling idly, saving their strength. I want to pull out my gun and blow them away (412).

Conway and Steve then explain their theory pinning the murder on McCann. Breslin pokes holes in their argument and says they would never get a conviction. He then confiscates the interview video and leaves. Even though the detectives may never be able to charge McCann, Conway has another way to call attention to his behavior. She and Steve meet Crowley at a pub.