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D. H. Lawrence

Women In Love

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1920

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Chapters 14-18Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 14 Summary: “Water-Party”

The Criches hold their annual party on Willey Water. Gudrun and Ursula walk to the party with their parents, laughing at them along the way. Gudrun is anxious about the crowd, which annoys Ursula. At the party, Rupert greets the sisters and their mother, as does Hermione. Hermione introduces Mr. and Mrs. Brangwen to Laura and Gerald. Gerald, whose hand is bandaged, oversees a boat launch into the lake, then asks Gudrun if she wants to ride in the boat. She declines, telling him about a negative experience she had on a pleasure boat on the Thames.

Ursula asks Gerald if they can use a rowboat instead. She and Gudrun assure him that they can manage it by themselves and want to visit a deserted part of the lakeshore. He says there is a canoe they can use to have a picnic apart from the other guests. Gudrun is attracted to him, and the feeling is mutual. Gerald tells the sisters that he hurt his hand while using some machinery in the plant. Rupert helps Gerald get the canoe, and once they help Ursula and Gudrun get situated, the men watch them set off.

Gudrun rows them to a secluded location surrounded by trees.