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D. H. Lawrence

Women In Love

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1920

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Chapters 19-25Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 19 Summary: “Moony”

When Rupert recovers from his illness, he travels to the South of France. Meanwhile, Ursula immerses herself in caring for animals and children, as she is tired of the duplicity and complexity of adults. One night, she walks to the millpond, watching the moon’s reflection in the pond and thinking about where her life is headed. Soon, Rupert arrives. Not seeing Ursula, he begins throwing stones in the water. The stones cause ripples in the water, which distorts the image of the moon. He and Ursula watch the moon’s rippling reflection. Eventually, Ursula asks Rupert to stop throwing stones.

They talk about Rupert not writing while he was away in France, Ursula’s unhappiness with England, and the nature of love and surrender. Ursula sees Rupert’s desire for her as one-sided; he is unwilling to serve her needs, and she condemns his requests that she serve him without reciprocation. Rupert condemns her desire for control and argues that she needs to let go. They realize they can’t agree on a definition of love.

After holding hands in silence, Ursula asks repeatedly if Rupert loves her. He admits that he does. They kiss, and he decides that they shouldn’t have sex. After cuddling and kissing some more, Ursula goes home.