Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


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Americanah – Chapters 27-30 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 27 Summary: 

Obinze sits in a bookstore café, eating and reading, hoping to “become Obinze again” (317). He reads American novels rather than British newspapers, trying to “find a resonance, a shaping of his longings” (317). He worries about his forthcoming sham marriage. He has given money to several brokers, but has nothing to show for it. A Bangladeshi mother and her nine-year-old son sit down next to him, as the café is full. He strikes up a conversation with them and learns that they are visiting the Tate Museum. The boy’s father died recently, and this is the family’s first annual trip to London without him. He is attracted to the mother, which makes him think of Ifemelu and also of Tendai, a woman he has recently slept with. He leaves the café and texts Tendai. He sees a newspaper headline, full of fears about immigrants and asylum seekers, and tries to see the crisis from the British point of view, “illegal immigrants who were overcrowding an already crowded island” (320). He thinks again of Ifemelu. “He had never felt so lonely” (321). 

Chapter 28 Summary: 

It is Vincent’s birthday, which Obinze does not remember, and he is nearly caught. Vincent calls that night and demands a greater percentage of Obinze’s earnings, which Obinze refuses. A week later, he is called into his boss’ office. His boss has been informed that Obinze is not Vincent and asks to see his passport. Obinze leaves his job, knowing he will never return, and “wishing more than anything that he had told Nigel his real name” (324). Years later, when Obinze is working in Lagos, he needs a white man to present to investors as his General Manager. He calls Nigel up and offers him the position. 

Chapter 29 Summary: 

The Angolans demand more money from Obinze to arrange the sham marriage to Cleotilde. Obinze has run out of money and is unemployed, so he asks Emenike for a loan. They meet at a bar, and Obinze sees how much and how little Emenike has changed. His clothes are…

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