Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


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Americanah Chapters 7-10 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 7 Summary: 

Though they had originally planned on going to a different school, after Obinze’s mother collapses, both he and Ifemelu decide to attend Nsukka University, where his mother teaches. Ifemelu is initially disappointed by her college experience, and feels “as though she did not belong” (110). The teachers go on strike in protest of their unpaid salaries. Ifemelu returns to Lagos until the strike is over, and during this time, Obinze grows jealous of any flings she might be having. The strike ends, and Ifemelu returns to school. She and Obinze finally have sex, and the experience leaves her “a little disappointed” (115). When she becomes ill a week later, she panics, assuming she is pregnant. Unable to tell her parents, she calls Uju, who advises her to go get tested. She tests negative, but gets sicker that night, and Obinze’s mother drives her to the medical center. Ifemelu has a ruptured appendix which is treated through surgery. Her parents visit her in the hospital and meet Obinze, with whom they are impressed. Obinze’s mother warns her son and Ifemelu to be more careful with sex. 

Chapter 8 Summary: 

Strikes at the school become common, and students begin to leave. Obinze’s friend Emenike leaves for England, while Ifemelu’s friend Ranyinudo is rejected for an American visa. Aunty Uju offers to take Ifemelu in if she studies in America, in exchange for watching Dike. Ifemelu is hesitant, but Obinze urges her to accept the opportunity, and Ginika takes care of her college applications. Ifemelu applies for a visa and is accepted. She says goodbye to Obinze’s mother, and she and Obinze develop a plan: “he would come to America the minute he graduated. He would find a way to get a visa” (124). 

Chapter 9 Summary: 

Back in the braiding salon, the African hair braiders ask Ifemelu if she knows the Nigerian actress in the movie they’re watching. She does not. She remembers her first summer in America, which shocked her, as “she had thought of overseas as a cold place of wool coats and snow” (127). She is…

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