Eleanor and Park Chapters 13-24 Summary & Analysis

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Eleanor and Park

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Eleanor and Park Chapters 13-24 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 13 Summary: Eleanor 

The next day, Eleanor is feeling much better and she has the songs from Park’s mix-tape stuck in her mind. The songs have touched her greatly; they have given her a new perspective on the world, which she now finds to be tangibly different. When she sees Park on the bus, she beams, as she cannot contain her joy. Park asks her if she liked the tape, and she explains how amazing she found it: “It was awesome. I didn’t want to stop listening” (55).

The two talk about the songs until Park eventually turned and began looking out the window. It was at this moment that Eleanor realized she wanted to continue talking to Park. To restart their conversation, Eleanor blurts out that she likes X-men but that she hates the character Cyclops. Park finds this a ridiculous thing to say, but he eventually tells her that he intends to bring a Batman comic in tomorrow.

Later that day, Park finds himself staring at the back of Eleanor’s neck during English class. Later, Eleanor watches Park during their History class and realizes that he routinely chews on his pencil. The chapter ends later that night when Park begins working on a new mix-tape for Eleanor. This time, he fills the tape with her favorite Joy Division song from his last mix.

Chapter 14 Summary: Eleanor 

Eleanor hates many of her peers because of the way they treat her, but in the wake of the recent gym class incident she is pleasantly surprised to find that DeNice and Beebi have started talking to her regularly, and have even gone so far as to ask Eleanor to sit with them at lunch from now on. This makes Eleanor ecstatic.

Next, the narrative shifts to Park’s perspective as he sits with Cal in English class. Cal is bugging Park about random things but Park is too busy staring at Eleanor to pay any serious attention to his friend. Cal says that he has recently learned that Kim likes Park and thus Park should ask Kim to go to an upcoming school dance, but…

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