Eleanor and Park Chapters 49-58 Summary & Analysis

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Eleanor and Park

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Eleanor and Park Chapters 49-58 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 49 Summary: Eleanor 

This is yet another incredibly short chapter. It is comprised of Eleanor’s thoughts about how Richie looks at her. She thinks it is the way someone looks at a person when they know that one day they will finally get their opportunity to destroy them.

Chapter 50 Summary: Park 

Park tries to persuade Eleanor that everything will be okay by the morning but Eleanor is adamant that she has to keep running from Richie. Eleanor finally reveals to Park that Richie has been writing the terrible messages on her notebooks. Park suggests that Eleanor could stay with her dad, but she is positive that that is also a bad idea. She mentions that her uncle might be willing to “let me come up to St. Paul early” (298).

Park asks her when she has to leave and Eleanor insists that she has to go that very night. Eleanor tells Park that she plans to take the bus, but she knows that she will really have to hitchhike. Park tells her that he will drive her to her uncle’s house instead. Park knows that doing so will get him grounded, but he is willing to accept this consequence. 

Chapter 51 Summary: Eleanor 

As the chapter opens, Eleanor feels awful about getting Park involved in her escape, but ultimately she comforts herself with the fact that Park will only get grounded and that is certainly not the worst thing that could happen. Eleanor starts worrying about whether or not her plan for going to St. Paul will succeed, and she fears that Maisie may have already told Richie about her relationship with Park.

The narrative cuts to Park, who is collecting all of the money he has saved from recent holidays. Before leaving to drive Eleanor to St. Paul, Park scribbles a message to his parents that says he has gone to help Eleanor and that he will be back shortly. As he is sneaking out of his house, Park is caught by his father and Park tells him everything. After he finishes explaining the situation, Park is surprised to hear his dad say…

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