Ella Minnow Pea Chapters 12-17 Summary & Analysis

Mark Dunn

Ella Minnow Pea

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Ella Minnow Pea Chapters 12-17 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 12 Summary: A***E*GHI**LMNOP*RST**W*Y* 

The university man helping Ella and Tom with the sentence is shot by the L.E.B. Tom is missing. A woman writes to Ella because she has the university man’s orphaned daughter and can’t keep her. The woman tells Ella she is sending the child to her. Tom reveals his is well, but cannot work on Enterprise 32. It is up to Ella. Georgeanne gives herself lead poisoning by painting her entire body. On top of that, “Y” falls. 

Chapter 13 Summary: A***E*GHI**LMNOP*RST**W*** 

Ella writes to Mr. Little, one of the Councilmembers. She explains Georgeanne’s death and tells him Tanya is taking the orphan girl to the States. She feels alone. Mr. Little assures Ella he will remain on the island to work on Enterprise 32 as well. “H” falls.

Chapter 14 Summary: A***E*G*I**LMNOP*RST**W*** 

Ella writes to her family. She is no longer hopeful. She explains she is ready to learn sign language or write in numbers. Ella announces it is her final letter to them because it is too difficult to write. “G” falls.

Chapter 15 Summary: A***E***I**LMNOP*RST**W*** 

Ella writes a letter to herself. A storm knocked down several letters: A, E, I, R, S, T, and W. She wonders where the paint is.

Chapter 16 Summary: ***********LMNOP********** 

Ella writes a whole letter with L, M, N, O, P cheering—“No mo Nollop” (197). Then, an excerpt from her father’s final letter to her: “Put them in the little crates; they’ll be easier to convey that way. Would you mind doing this one last thing for me? Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs?” (197).


Ella writes to Councilman Lyttle—explaining she located the sentence with 32 letters, including all 26 of the alphabet. She reveals her father wrote the sentence inadvertently, but that it meets the guidelines and should be considered. Further, she believes neither she nor her father should receive credit and no monument should be raised. The Council accepts the sentence. Ella tells her family the good news. Nate writes to a friend who could generate the sentences meeting their criteria. He wonders what they would have provided. The final…

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