Ella Minnow Pea Chapters 8-11 Summary & Analysis

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Ella Minnow Pea

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Ella Minnow Pea Chapters 8-11 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 8 Summary: A*C*E*GHI**LMNOP*RSTUVWXY* 

Tassie writes once more to Nate, announcing a sentence with 44 letters was produced. However, the limited number of younger children available to write the sentences is affecting the process. She also reports the Council is putting everyone who is not part of the Nollop cult under house arrest. The reason for the house arrest is because the Council received threat letters. More people consider whether to leave: “Yes, that is now the topic on every lip. This salient, impertinent Hamlettian choice. To leave or not to leave. To waive claim to our homes. To renounce our mother soil” (128). Tassie reveals she wrote the threats.

The mother of the boy who told his parents about Mittie’s slip in front of the class writes to her. She explains the boy is using all letters without thinking. However, because he is not yet 8, he should be exempt from consequences. Somehow, the records show the boy is 8. As such, the mother pleads with Mittie to help—to help the boy avoid banishment. Mittie writes back advising she couldn’t find anything at the school to help the boy.

Ella’s mother reports bad news to Mittie. The Council brought Tassie in as a suspect. They believe she is involved in sending the threatening letters. “In the event there is a guilty ruling, expulsion will not constitute a legally punitive option. Such a ruling will only result in something much, much worse. Something I venture not even to say” (132).

On top of the bad news about Tassie, Ella’s father leaves a note for the family telling them he had a slip in front of the L.E.B. police. He is to be banished. He apologizes to them, then uses all the forbidden letters in a final act of rebellion.

The last letter of the chapter advises the island’s citizens that “C” has fallen.

Chapter 9 Summary: A***E*GHI**LMNOP*RSTUVWXY*

Georgeanne writes to Mittie. She apologizes for her family turning Mittie in after her first offence in front of their son. She explains both her son and husband left the island, and she is lonely because no one is…

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