Escape from Camp 14 Chapters 7-9 Summary & Analysis

Blaine Harden

Escape from Camp 14

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Escape from Camp 14 Chapters 7-9 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 7 Summary

Shin’s cellmate was around 50 years old and refused to say why he was incarcerated, though he revealed that he had been there for many years. His name was Kim Jin Myung, but he preferred to be called Uncle. He helped tend to Shin’s wounds, and Shin inferred that he had past experience of this kind of work. This was Shin’s first exposure to ongoing kindness, and Shin was both grateful and puzzled by it. Uncle was also an entertaining speaker and the guards pressed Shin to inform them of what he had been saying. Shin answered the guards honestly, but he also told Uncle that the guards had asked him to act as an informer. Uncle was not surprised, and he continued to withhold personal information.

One day, a guard handed Shin the school uniform that he had been wearing when he was taken from the dormitory. Shin did not want to leave the cell, as Uncle was the only person he had ever trusted, and he felt greater affection for him than for his own family. However, they would never see each other again.

Chapter 8 Summary

Shin was taken to the room in which he had first been interrogated; this time, his father was also in the room and had clearly been subjected to torture. During his time in the underground prison, the guards had told his father that Shin was the one who informed them about the escape plan. Shin’s father later agreed that it was better to notify the guards than risk concealing the plan, but his caustic tone suggested that he knew Shin’s first instinct was to inform.

After Shin and his father signed nondisclosure forms, they were driven to the site where Shin’s mother and brother were to be executed. In subsequent years, Shin has come to feel shame about the executions and the lies that he told about his involvement. At the time, however, he was angry with his mother and brother for their self-centered scheming and the torture that he had undergone as a result. Shin refused to hold his mother’s gaze…

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