Escape from Camp 14 Essay Topics

Blaine Harden

Escape from Camp 14

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Escape from Camp 14 Essay Topics

1. Why were Shin and his family in the camp? Can you elaborate on the reasoning behind their imprisonment?

2. Why did Shin hate his family so much? Do you find his mindset understandable? How did his feelings towards them develop in subsequent years?

3. Some prisoners in North Korea’s labor camps had previously lived in the outside world. Others, such as Shin, were born in the camps. What impact could these different circumstances have on prisoners? What are the respective advantages to having been born inside or outside the camp??

4. North Korea is unique in that it insists on taking full control of the aid that it receives from foreign donors. What have been some of the ramifications of this decision for North Korean society?

5. What prompted the North Korean government to increase its border security? What were the consequences of the previously more permeable border?

6. Even the most prosperous…

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