Insurgent Chapters 40–47 Summary & Analysis

Veronica Roth


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Insurgent Chapters 40–47 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 40 Summary

Tris explains her plan to the Erudite refugees. Cara and Fernando agree to help by using their technical skills to broadcast the secret information once they locate it. They also donate some technology, including glass shattering discs and a stun-gun.

The attack is scheduled to begin that afternoon, so those who are willing to join the fight meet and get into Amity trucks for the journey into the city. They find the gate open, with no guards in sight.

Chapter 41 Summary

As they approach Erudite headquarters, they hear gunshots. Tris arms herself with a stunner, and they look for a way into the building.

Chapter 42 Summary

Finding the Erudite headquarters guarded by Dauntless under a simulation that responds only to sound, they enter using a ladder from an adjacent building, passing over through windows three stories up. Fernando is shot and killed when his glasses fall off.

Chapter 43 Summary

With Erudite headquarters in chaos as the Dauntless/factionless alliance launches its attack, Marcus, Cara, Christina and Tris, disguised as Erudite, follow Cara to a control room. They run into Caleb. Marcus confronts him and knocks him out so that he cannot tell anyone they are there.

Tris discovered from Tori that only the lab has extraordinary security, so they head for Jeanine’s laboratory computer. They leave Cara inside the control room, connecting all the factions’ computers together in preparation for broadcasting the secret file.

When they reach the lab floor, Edward is already there. Tris realizes that Tori must already be inside the lab and that Jeanine may already be dead. Edward shoots Christina in the leg and Christina shoots Edward in the side. Tris and Marcus must leave them behind; Christina holding Edward hostage.

Chapter 44 Summary

Marcus and Tris split up, each taking a door that might lead into Jeanine’s laboratory. Tris finds herself battling a simulation of herself. Because she is more desperate than her simulated self, she manages to conjure up a gun. She shoots her simulated self just before her simulation can shoot her.

Chapter 45 Summary

Tris enters Jeanine’s laboratory to find Tori arguing with Jeanine; she wants Jeanine to acknowledge her brother, a Divergent who was killed on Jeanine’s command. Tris disarms Tori and tries to convince her not to kill Jeanine, so that they can retrieve important information from her computer. Tori doesn’t listen and stabs Jeanine in the stomach.

Chapter 46 Summary

Tori accuses Tris of being a traitor, as Tobias and Uriah enter the lab. They found Marcus next door fighting a simulation and they are stunned to find Tris there too. Tobias accuses Tris of betraying him by working with his father. Tori tells Uriah to take Tris to the lobby to wait with all the other prisoners to be tried as a war criminal. Tris confronts Tobias, telling him that he should understand that she is still the same person who refused to kill him. He should trust her, and trust in her belief that they need to rescue the secret video file.

Tris sits with Christina and reports that she wasn’t successful. Tobias comes downstairs and takes Caleb away to disarm the security on Jeanine’s computer, presumably so they can destroy the information on it.

Lynn is brought into the lobby; she has been shot in the stomach. She dies.

Chapter 47 Summary

Tori returns to the lobby just as Johanna Reyes enters the building. Tori announces that the Amity won’t be represented in the new government because of their refusal to take sides in the recent battle. As Evelyn enters the room, Tris notices that the factionless have all the guns. Evelyn announces that the faction system is to be immediately disbanded in favor of a factionless society; Tori objects, but the factionless hold up their guns. The Dauntless have all been disarmed. Tobias, Marcus, and Caleb enter the lobby and screens come to life and begin showing a video.

Tobias and Tris reconcile, and Tris hopes that all their secrets and troubles are behind them.

They watch the video: a woman named Amanda Ritter announces that she is the leader of a group fighting for justice and peace in an increasingly violent, immoral society. Next, the video shows hideous images of war and death. Then the woman reappears. She announces that their carefully structured society was mindfully placed in isolation from the rest of the world in the hopes that they would develop a sense of morality and justice missing from her society. When there are people with flexible minds—the Divergent—in sufficient numbers among them, the Amity are to open the gates, letting them out to help the people who remained outside. She announces that she is about to enter the new beginning of their society herself as Edith Prior. The video ends.

Uproar ensues.

Chapter 40 – 47 Analysis

Significantly, as Tris formulates her plan with Marcus, she chooses allies from various factions, rather than just one. She has witnessed the inner workings of Amity, Candor, and Erudite, and she already knows Abnegation and Dauntless.

From each faction, Tris draws the strengths that she needs to make her plan succeed. From Erudite, Cara brings high-tech weaponry, such as the glass shattering discs and the stun-gun, as well as the computer expertise to broadcast the secret video file to all factions at once. From Candor, Christina brings respect for the truth above all else, which prompts her to support Tris’s actions. From Amity, Tris gains Johanna and others who seek to limit the bloodshed by protecting innocents, including children, during the battle. From Abnegation, Tris herself brings the selflessness of putting her own life at risk to help others, and from Dauntless, she and others bring the courage to carry out their plan.

Other characters demonstrate the negative side of their factions or personalities. For example, Tori, in striking down Jeanine, represents the fatal flaw of the Dauntless: revenge at all costs. Furthermore, Tori doesn’t have the foresight to see Evelyn’s betrayal coming. In turn, Evelyn seeks pure destruction of the factions, without thinking that there are elements within them that might be worth preserving.

Significantly, in the end, Tobias comes to understand that Tris could never betray him. Instead, he learns the error of the Dauntless path: reckless destruction without considering the consequences. He and Tris are, for the moment at least, reconciled. Reunited, they face, once again, a chaotic and uncertain future.

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