Insurgent Essay Topics

Veronica Roth


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Insurgent Essay Topics

1. Discuss the theme of betrayal in this novel. Why does Tris betray Tobias? What is the result of this betrayal? How is Tris’s betrayal different from or similar to Caleb’s betrayal? You must discuss at least three other characters in relation to the theme of betrayal; some suggestions: Peter, Tobias, Evelyn, Marcus.

2. Many of the faction leaders seek to manipulate the members of their factions. Discuss the similarities and differences between leaders of each faction, including the factionless, including the end results for each faction.

3. What is the relationship between freedom and control? Using examples from this novel, explain the interrelationship between these concepts and how these connections are expressed in the novel. What is Roth trying to say about government’s role in society?

4. Should the faction system be disbanded? Why or why not? Explain.

5. What is the central lesson that Tris learns in the novel? Discuss your answer in terms of her identity.

6. Who does Tris trust? How does her trust evolve over the course of the novel? You must include her relationships with Caleb, Christina, and Tobias in your discussion.

7. Why does Tobias trust Evelyn? Do you believe that Evelyn is manipulating Tobias? How does the outcome of the novel support or undermine Tobias’s trust in his mother? Explain.

8. Is mind-control ever justified? Use examples from this novel to explain the dangers and benefits for citizens and the government.

9. What does each faction symbolize and what does Tris learn from each of them? How does she use her knowledge to make decisions? What impact does her knowledge of the different factions have on her identity? Explain.

10. What does it mean to be Divergent? Explain in terms of a theme of this novel. You may use one of the themes from this guide or devise a theme of…

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