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Peg Kehret


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2004

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Chapters 17-23

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 17 Summary

On Saturday, Nancy’s mom, Mrs. Tagg, picks up Bonnie for the Mariners baseball game with Nancy and their friends on the track team. Bonnie feels guilty for being excited to watch her first Major League Baseball game. Meanwhile, Matt becomes frustrated when Denny pushes back their departure time to continue gambling. Eventually, they head to the ballpark, where Matt is disappointed to miss the first pitch. Denny continues to take calls for a majority of the game. When Bonnie follows a foul ball with her binoculars, she spots a boy who reminds her of Matt. Bonnie remembers the police mentioning how Matt’s captor might disguise him, but she doesn’t see Denny nearby. Assuming Matt would not voluntarily be at the game by himself without seeking help to return to his mom and sister, Bonnie wonders whether it’s worth investigating the kid further. Curious, Bonnie heads to the section.

Chapter 18 Summary

Hank, another man Denny owes money to, calls during the game to demand his money by Monday at noon. Denny desperately hopes pretending to raise Matt will solicit enough sympathy from Winston and Celia to warrant a check. He plans to pay Hank Monday morning, leave before his next rent is due, and take Matt “back to Reno, where the gambling was good” (129).