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Peg Kehret


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2004

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Character Analysis

Bonnie Sholter

Bonnie Sholter is the female protagonist of the novel, depicted as tall and slender with “thick, curly brown hair and a lopsided smile” (20). Bonnie is described by her friend Nancy as a “well-adjusted thirteen-year-old who has overcome a terrible loss and gotten on with her life” (16). Her resilience and willpower are introduced early in the narrative, providing ample characterization that will effectively set up her character for the challenge of locating and rescuing her younger brother, Matt, from his abductor.

Bonnie was four when her father, 26, died. Her grandma attempted to comfort her by telling her that “[e]veryone dies, but usually not until they’re very old” (15). The sentiment, rather than comforting Bonnie, inspired recurring nightmares that lasted until Bonnie was eight or nine. Superstitious that her dreams might come true, Bonnie has since feared that she’ll lose her mother, brother, or dog Pookie, in a similar tragic and unexpected way.

When Matt is abducted, her fears come true. Bonnie grapples with the guilt of under-appreciating Matt, bemoaning having to care for him while her mother’s at work, and resenting his finishing the strawberry ice cream.