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Peg Kehret


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2004

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Chapters 9-16

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 9 Summary

Denny drives Matt to his apartment in Seattle, where Matt asks to call his mom. Denny pretends to call Anita and convincingly acts shocked as he carries on a conversation. When he hangs up, he tells Matt that his mother and sister died in a terrible car accident that afternoon. While Matt grieves the loss of his family, Denny washes off the temporary rose tattoo on his bicep. His sister, Celia, calls to notify Denny that her boys are sick and moves their visit to next weekend. A man named Bronco calls Denny immediately after, claiming Denny owes him $5,000 in gambling debts. He waits outside Denny’s new apartment while Denny grabs the money. Denny is giddy with the realization that Matt will be his “ticket to financial freedom” (64) because he presumes Winston and Celia will give Denny money for raising his son if he claims he doesn’t have the funds to cover Matt’s needs. Matt is distraught when Denny isn’t bothered by the death of Bonnie and Anita, and he longs for Pookie. He thinks about Denny’s frightening behavior and realizes he doesn’t like his own father very much at all.