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Jenny Han

Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2017

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Chapters 21-24

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 21 Summary

Browsing the welcome packet late at night, Lara Jean learns William and Mary doesn’t allow freshmen to keep their cars on campus. John Ambrose texts her to tell her Stormy has died in her sleep, and the funeral will be in Rhode Island. Lara Jean is shocked. John tells her Stormy loved her. Lara Jean feels a sense of relief that she won’t be able to attend the funeral; the last one she went to was when her mother died. Lara Jean cries and thinks about her plans to write Stormy’s memoirs with her; when Peter calls, she is too sad to talk. In the morning, she calls Margot and they both cry. She suggests they have a memorial at Belleview for the residents. Lara Jean arranges it for Thursday, and it turns out Peter will be away at an open house at UVA with his mom. He offers to skip it, but she knows how important it is.

On Thursday, Lara Jean wears a bright dress she knows Stormy loved, but she saves her pink ring to wear at prom. She sets up a beautiful spread, with punch and champagne, but worries about seeing John Ambrose. In fact, there aren’t many familiar faces left at Belleview.