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Jenny Han

Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2017

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Romantic Love at Any Age

Readers familiar with the other titles in this series will recognize that romantic love is a theme running throughout the three books. In fact, despite hiccups in their relationship, Lara Jean and Peter are a proper couple throughout the whole novel. They may be teenaged, but their relationship is solid and works on a basis of mutual respect and communication. Of course, the events of this novel work to try to break down the sophistication of their relationship.

There are a few unique elements to Lara Jean and Peter’s love relationship that set them apart from their peers. The origin of their relationship was not romantic, but it was based first in a kind of friendship and then on a pact. Their feelings developed over time, rather than beginning in lust or love at first sight. After a full year in an “exclusive” relationship, the pair has not had sex. Peter and his ex-girlfriend Gen were sexually active during their relationship, but Lara Jean is a virgin. They are waiting until she feels ready. The purpose here is to show a couple where the boyfriend is personable and well-liked by his school mates, but is also thoughtful and kind toward his girlfriend and does not feel pressure from his peers to convince Lara Jean to sleep with him.