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Alan Gratz

Code of Honor

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2015

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Chapters 43-46Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 43 Summary

The gun doesn't fire. Kamran is confused, then realizes the safety must be on. He flicks a few switches, hoping he’s found the right one, takes aim again, and shoots.

The bang ricochets; suddenly, dogs are barking and people are yelling. Kamran ducks instinctively from the kickback, only to look up and realize he hadn't hit his target: “I had shot at United States soldiers! They would never believe me when I told them I was shooting for the fire extinguisher” (135). Workers are now hiding behind boxes, and the soldiers are radioing for security and trying to determine the location of the threat. Kamran takes aim again and again, missing each time, while the men continue to shout. He knows he’s running out of time and opportunity. One soldier has determined Kamran's location and now aims his gun at him. Kamran tries one last time to shoot the fire extinguisher and finally succeeds; he hears the sound of a huge rush of air. He runs as fast as he can through the open garage door, breaking free into night air. He keeps running, hoping to avoid any security trying to follow him. It’s freezing cold outside and he’s running through snow.