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Alan Gratz

Code of Honor

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2015

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Chapters 57-62Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 57 Summary

The familiar face working as part of the warehouse crew belongs to Dane; he has infiltrated the warehouse through a back door, and is now wearing a work uniform and scanning boxes like a typical employee would. Kamran is impressed by his ability to blend in with the rest of the warehouse’s work crew.

The warehouse manager, a sweaty, red-faced man named Fred Sorenson, bustles over, confused about why a news crew is in the warehouse. Aaliyah tells him she wants a shot of the warehouse for a Superbowl puff piece. Sorenson insists she just get a shot of the trucks leaving. Over the earpiece, Jimmy states that the all the supplies look normal save for a shipment of hot dogs, which got waylaid because of supposed refrigeration issues. Dane begins looking for the boxes with hot dogs, while Aaliyah asks to see boxes of particularly American foods, “a box of hot dogs, for example” (183). Sorenson asks them to leave, but before he can kick them out, Dane finds the hot dogs, and discovers that underneath a few actual boxes of hot dogs are pallets “filled with plastic explosives. C-4. Enough to level an entire stadium” (183).