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Alan Gratz

Code of Honor

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2015

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Chapters 86-92Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 86 Summary

Kamran realizes he is the only one who knows Emily Reed's true identity. He wants to call Hagan and tell him, but Darius has the phone and is using it to try to disable the bomb. Kamran remembers the words of Coach Reynolds, and imagines himself in the last moments of a football game: “No distractions. No doubts. No second guesses” (255). He then runs toward Emily Reed and her camera crew. He jumps in front of the camera and reveals Reed’s true identity, along with her plot to murder innocent people. Emily is momentarily shocked but then laughs it off. Kamran realizes they must be live, and he must look insane. Emily continues to try to play it off while getting the live feed cut when the stage behind them suddenly explodes. 

Chapter 87 Summary

The blast knocks Kamran off his feet; when he comes to, his head is ringing and he is dizzy and disoriented. He looks around to see shards of metal and realizes that the unique retractable field has been blown to smithereens, and the shards of metal from the rollers beneath litter the ground around him. He realizes, too, that Darius was inside the stage, and the stage is gone.