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George Eliot

Daniel Deronda

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1876

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Book 2, Chapters 11-18Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Book 2: “Meeting Streams”

Book 2, Chapter 11 Summary

Grandcourt is a handsome man whose gray eyes express “nothing but indifference” (90). Though Gwendolen typically dislikes people—especially men—she is somehow drawn to Grandcourt. They talk about their general disinterest in everyday life in the local area. During their conversation, Grandcourt proves himself to be Gwendolen’s equal. Gwendolen performs well in the archery contest but doesn’t win the trophy.

After dinner, a ball is held. Gwendolen and Grandcourt dance together and he indicates that he is interested in her. They step outside to take a walk together. As they walk, Gwendolen becomes increasingly aware of Grandcourt’s friend, Mr. Thomas Lush. She immediately dislikes him. Gwendolen and Grandcourt walk to the conservatory, where Gwendolen drops her cynical facade long enough to show Grandcourt that she is interested in him, permitting him to call on her the following day.

Book 2, Chapter 12 Summary

Surrounded by dogs, Grandcourt relaxes at home with his associate, Mr. Lush, who works as his servant and advisor. He has worked for Grandcourt for 15 years and functions as his own personal “prime minister.” Born the son of a vicar, Lush then attended Oxford University. Working for Grandcourt furnishes Lush with an easy life and means that he has not needed to become a priest, like his father.