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George Eliot

Daniel Deronda

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1876

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Book 8, Chapters 58-70Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Book 8: “Fruit and Seed”

Book 8, Chapter 58 Summary

The narrator reflects on the nature of time and how inadequate the passage of days can seem as a measure of time passing. Only a year has passed since a confident young Gwendolen took part in the archery tournament. Since then she has been transformed into the “crushed penitent” whose life is marked by tragedy. In Offendene, Mrs. Davilow receives a telegram telling her that Grandcourt is dead. She makes immediate arrangements to travel to Genoa. Rex Gascoigne hears about the tragedy while visiting his family and is forced to remind himself that Gwendolen will never love him.

Book 8, Chapter 59 Summary

Deronda has agreed to stay in Genoa with Gwendolen until Sir Hugo joins them. For his part, Sir Hugo is quietly relieved that Grandcourt’s death will return his estates to him and he will be able to pass these along to his daughters. Sir Hugo meets with Deronda and explains the nature of Grandcourt’s will, which states that Gwendolen—in the event that she does not provide Grandcourt with a male heir—will receive an annuity of £2,000 as well as a home in Gadsmere. This is where Lydia Glasher currently lives, and it is considered Grandcourt’s least valuable