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John Steinbeck

The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1976

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Answer Key

Chapter 1

Reading Check

1. Uther of Britain (Chapter 1)

2. A gift (Chapter 1)

3. By drowning him (Chapter 1)

Short Answer

1. He must pull a magical sword from a stone. (Chapter 1)

2. He can’t be injured as long as he possesses it. (Chapter 1)

3. Margawse is Arthur’s half-sister, and they have an affair. (Chapter 1)

Chapters 2-3

Reading Check

1. Sir Balin (Chapter 2)

2. His father-in-law (Chapter 3)

Short Answer

1. He killed a lady under Arthur’s protection, which violates the code of chivalry. (Chapter 2)

2. He will kill his own brother with it. (Chapter 2)

3. He refused to stop and help someone in need. (Chapter 3)

4. They swear to be merciful, defend the honor of women, and never fight in an unjust cause. (Chapter 3)

Chapters 4-5

Reading Check

1. Nyneve (Chapter 4)

2. Magical secrets (Chapter 4)

3. A cave in Cornwall (Chapter 4)

4. Standing stones (Chapter 5)

Short Answer

1. She takes his scabbard and sword. (Chapter 5)