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Mary E. Pearson

The Adoration of Jenna Fox

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2008

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Sections 13-15Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Section 13 Summary: The Unknowable—Tossing (pp. 191-205)

While Lily is at Mass and Mother has gone to the airport to pick up Father, Jenna seizes her chance to get into the locked closet. She once again finds the computer with her name on it, but this time, notices that the other two computers have Kara and Locke’s names on them. Jenna realizes that the computers are brain backups, containing the information from the brain scans her father took of her—and apparently Kara and Locke, as well. Kara and Locke are in the dark, confusing hell Jenna remembers. That’s why they’ve been calling out to her—they want to be saved and set free. On the verge of a breakdown, she runs into the forest. When Jenna emerges several hours later, everyone is home. She confronts her father about keeping the backups hidden from her. It’s clear that Father thinks the brains are in a limbo-like “dream world” (200) and Jenna tries to convince him how nightmarish it really is. Father explains that if anything were to happen to “new” Jenna and her Bio Gel body, they have a backup brain and another chance. Thinking about Mr. Bender, Allys, and