Between Shades of Gray Part Three: Chapters 63-68 Summary & Analysis

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Between Shades of Gray

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Between Shades of Gray Part Three: Chapters 63-68 Summary & Analysis

Part Three: ice and ashes

Chapter 63 Summary

They travel in the truck until late afternoon when they arrive at a train station—Biysk—where Lina realizes that Kretzsky has traveled with them.  They are loaded onto train cars, longer than the livestock cars they traveled in previously, with lamps hanging from the ceiling.  At the bald man’s suggestion, they crowd the door to prevent more groups from being loaded, so they have more space than last time.  Lina talks with the little girl, Janina, whose dolly was “killed” by the NKVD guards, who threw the doll in the air and shot it.  Janina tells her that she couldn’t stop crying when they shot her doll, whose name was Liale, and so they “clobbered” (247) her on the forehead.  She shows Lina the scar and asks Lina about her own scar, which was the result of being hit by a can of sardines.  Then Janina tells her the secret that her mother told her: “the NKVD are going to hell” (248).  She also tells Lina that Liale is “up in heaven” (248) but that she still talks to her and Liale tells her “things” (248).  Janina says that she saw Lina’s boyfriend put something in her pocket, so Lina shows her the stone.  Janina wants Lina to give her the stone, but Lina says she’ll keep it, as it was a gift.  The perspective shifts to the adults, who talk about how Pearl Harbor was bombed which caused the Americans to join the war “around Christmas” (249).  A tall man from a labor camp near Kalmanka tells them this, and that there were mostly Latvians and some Finns at his camp.

Chapter 64 Summary

The train ride begins.  A little girl with yellowish skin coughs up phlegm and blood on Jonas’s shirt, which Elena throws down the toilet hole in a feeble attempt to keep him healthy.  On the third night, Janina wakes Lina to tell her that Liale has told her that the “yellow girl is dead” (250).  Lina pulls Janina close to her and cuddles her back to sleep.  The yellow skinned girl…

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