Between Shades of Gray Part Two: Chapters 35-40 Summary & Analysis

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Between Shades of Gray

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Between Shades of Gray Part Two: Chapters 35-40 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 35 Summary

When they return to their shack, Lina’s mother gives her a beet to take to Mr. Stalas.  He is complaining, as usual, and is surprised to learn that they have been digging all day.  He assumed that Elena would be put to a different kind of work because she is “a smart woman studied in Moscow” (144), and the Soviets know it.  Then he asks if Lina and her mother have been raped yet; she is disgusted by the question and leaves.  On her way out, she meets Andrius.  He tells her that the blond guard’s name is Kretzsky and the commander’s name is Komorov and that he’s trying to find out more.  Lina mentions the nearby town and to the possibility of sending letters, but Andrius reminds her that the “Soviets will read everything you write” (146).  They have no privacy at all.  Then he gives her three cigarettes, but is vague about where he got them and where he lives.

When Lina returns to the shack and gives her mother the cigarettes, the woman with whom they are staying demands them from her.  Elena refuses, telling the woman their names instead.  The woman responds with her own name, Ulyushka, and Elena gives her one of the cigarettes.  The two women share a match and smoke together.  Elena asks how Andrius looks, and Lina says he looks fine, “thinking of his tan face” (147).  Lina’s growing attraction to Andrius makes her remember the time when Joana came home from a secret date and told Lina about how much she liked the boy and that he had a younger brother that Lina could meet.

Chapter 36 Summary

That night, Lina falls asleep writing a letter to Joana but is awakened in the middle of the night by the NKVD and taken to the commander’s office, along with the rest of her group, with the exception of Andrius and his mother.  The commander tells them they must all sign a document agreeing that they will join the collective farm, pay 200 rubles for each person, admit to being criminals…

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