Between Shades of Gray Part Two: Chapters 47-52 Summary & Analysis

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Between Shades of Gray

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Between Shades of Gray Part Two: Chapters 47-52 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 47 Summary

In mid-November, Mrs. Rimas receives a letter and everyone gathers in her shack to listen to the news it brings.  Andrius comes as well; he squeezes in next to Lina and brings stolen crackers for everyone.  Stuck in such close quarters, Lina and Andrius talk, and then Mrs. Rimas reads the letter, while Lina sneaks glances at Andrius and notices how well he looks.  The author of the letter cites Psalm 102, so Jonas gets his mother’s Bible and they read the Psalm, which is about grief and suffering.

Chapter 48 Summary

A week later, Jonas falls ill.  Miss Grybas tells Lina about it while she’s at work, but Kretzsky will not allow her to leave early, and by the time she gets home, Jonas is unconscious.  Lina goes to get their bread rations, but they will only give her two portions because Jonas did not go to work.  The bald man and Ulyushka think that Jonas has something contagious, but the gray-haired man identifies it as scurvy.  Elena runs out to beg people for help while Lina stays with her brother, placing the stone that Andrius gave her under his hand.  She tells him stories and prays and then begins to draw his room at home.  Andrius arrives with a can of tomatoes that he pours into Jonas’ mouth.  Lina’s mouth waters at the sight of the tomatoes, and she asks Andrius where he got them.  He scornfully tells her he stole them.  Then Elena arrives with one of the Siberian women that Jonas worked with making shoes.  She agrees to make a tea for him that will help him recover if Elena helps her gather the ingredients.

Chapter 49 Summary

As Lina sits with Andrius at Jonas’s side, she apologizes for being “an idiot” (196) for thinking he had betrayed them, and she tells him she is sorry about his mother.  Andrius does not respond except to say, “Okay, you’re sorry” (196).  Lina goes back to drawing of Jonas’s room, thinking about how much they both miss their books and remembering the time she brought home the books on…

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