Between Shades of Gray Part Two: Chapters 58-62 Summary & Analysis

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Between Shades of Gray

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Between Shades of Gray Part Two: Chapters 58-62 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 58 Summary

Lina’s sixteenth birthday arrives, on March 22.  Both her mother and Jonas leave the shack in the morning without wishing her a happy birthday; Lina believes they have forgotten it and spends the day thinking about her past birthdays, including the one the previous year when she didn’t receive anything from her cousin Joana and her father was late coming to the restaurant for her birthday dinner.  In the ration line after work, Jonas tells her that Mrs. Rimas has received another letter and that everyone is gathering at the bald man’s shack for the news.  When Lina arrives, everyone yells “Happy Birthday!” but she is disappointed to see that Andrius is not among them.  They give her a present—“a pad of paper and a stub of a pencil” (225).  On their way home, Andrius meets them, and Elena and Jonas go ahead without her.  Andrius wishes her a happy birthday and gives her a book—Dickens’ Dombey and Sons, in Russian, to replace The Pickwick Papers he had torn pages from to use as cigarettes.  Lina kisses him as a thank you and he is stunned.  Then, in response to her request, he tells her when his birthday is—November 20.

Chapter 59 Summary

As the days go by, the ground begins to thaw, and Elena receives a letter from their former housekeeper’s cousin that suggests that Kostas is still alive but does not say where he is.  Lina feels bad for keeping this information from her mother, so she tells Elena how she came to know that her father is in Krasyonarsk Prison.  Elena is angry at first, but cannot help but be happy that he is still alive.  There is further commotion at the camp as deliveries of new files are made and new guards arrive.  Lina continues to draw “accurate portrayal” (229) of the things and people around her that “would certainly be considered anti-Soviet” (229).  She also begins to meet Andrius in the ration line every day.  She is learning Russian by reading the book he gave her, and he tells her one day that she…

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