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Margaret Atwood

Alias Grace

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1996

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Essay Topics


How does the ending of the novel honor Grace’s journey or contradict it? Is she pregnant, or does she have a cancerous tumor? Why doesn’t she want to know? How does her making of the Tree of Paradise quilt support your view of the ending? Use examples from each stage of Grace’s life to support your answer.


The theme of discerning lies from the truth is central to understanding this novel. How important is the “truth” of what happened that day to Thomas Kinnear and Nancy Montgomery? How do we know when we have the “truth”? What is Atwood saying about how we construct the truth for ourselves?


Trace the character development of Simon Jordan from his arrival in Kingston through the end of the novel. As the character who shows the most change, explain how his character develops through his relationships with people in Kingston, particularly women, including Grace. How does his relationship with Grace change him? Lydia? Mrs. Humphrey?