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And the Mountains Echoed

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And the Mountains Echoed Chapter Eight Summary & Analysis

Chapter Eight Summary- Fall 2010

This chapter is told from the point of view of Markos. He is arriving home from the clinic to hear a phone message from Thalia. He debates whether to call his mother (Thalia’s orders).

He met Thalia in 1967. Her mother, Madaline, was dear friends with his mother. He was twelve years old when they came to visit them in Tinos. His mother warned him that Thalia had a scar from being bitten by a dog. When they arrived at the house, Thalia had on a mask to cover her face. They went up to a guest room to unpack and Markos was to take up a tray of drinks and a snack. When he did, he saw Thalia without her mask on – the scar so horrible and disfiguring- that he shook, dropped the tray, “retching all over shards of broken porcelain” (286).

The narration moves back to the present Markos is speaking with his mother on the phone. She asks him about how the visit with the French woman (Pari) was. He begins to tell of her visit.

Pari stayed with him a week in Kabul. When he gave her a tour of her former home, he was amazed at how much she remembered. She longed to have the little painted armoire sent to her in Paris, and Markos agreed. “In the end, other than the armoire, which I had shipped a few days after her departure, Pari Wahdati returned to France with nothing but Suleiman Wahdati’s sketch pads, Nabi’s letter, and a few of her mother Nila’s poems, which Nabi had saved” (289). He arranged a trip for her to visit Shadbagh as well.

Markos’ focus moves back into a flashback of when Madaline and Thalia stayed for their visit in Tinos. He hated mealtime with them, watching and hearing Thalia slurp up her food from behind her mask. He enjoyed the stories of Madaline and all of her travels. He longed to live away from Tinos.

Madaline openly tells the story of the abuse she experienced at the hands of her father and how Markos’ mother…

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