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And the Mountains Echoed

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And the Mountains Echoed Chapter Seven Summary & Analysis

Chapter Seven Summary – Summer 2009

The story has moved back to Shadbagh-e-Nau at the installation of a new school for girls. Adel’s father, Baba jan (Commander Sahib), is thanked and called a great man to Adel. As Adel’s father makes his speech, he is met with a lot of applause, asking for the young girls of Afghanistan to excel in their studies, to nurture Afghanistan back to health.

Commander Sahib’s time as a soldier was spent in Jihad, fighting the Russians. Sahib’s father had started the improvement of Shadbagh by opening a clinic, but now Commander Sahib financed a lot of these projects right from his own pocket.

An old man with a young boy, both filthy, approach Kabir, the bodyguard, wishing to speak with Baba-jan but he is turned away. They drive back to the compound where Adel and his parents live; it is surrounded by high walls topped with coiled barbed wire. It is located in Shadbagh-e-Kohna (Old Shadbagh). Adel is sad that his father has to leave for two weeks on business. His father explains that the work he does is to help the people of Shadbagh and that without his work, they would suffer. This father and son love each other very much, and despite Baba-jan reassuring Adel that he would sacrifice all that they have for Adel, Adel still longs for his father to be around more.

Inside their home, Adel watches as Kabir turns away the old man and boy from their door. They had walked all this way to Sahib’s home wanting to speak with him. They vow to wait by the road until he returns. Adel is intrigued, wondering what they want. Kabir admits that Sahib will probably help them, but he calls these people “buzzards”. He urges Adel not to “fall for their act. They’d pick father clean if they could” (250).

We learn that Adel has half-brothers and a step-mother in Jalalabad. He enjoys visiting them, as his brothers and he get along really well. “The boredom…in Shadbagh was crushing Adel” (251). He and his mother are “each other’s reprieve”, working on…

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