Khaled Hosseini

And the Mountains Echoed

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And the Mountains Echoed Chapter Nine Summary & Analysis

Chapter Nine Summary- Winter 2010

The narration for this chapter is from Pari, the daughter of Abdullah, as she recalls how her father used to pluck out any bad dreams from her head before bedtime, and then insert good ones. He would tell the stories about these good dreams before she went to sleep. She was an only child, and longed desperately for a sibling, and so “adopted” Pari (Abdullah’s sister) into her consciousness as her own. Pari told her father the same dream that he would have every night – about napping with his little sister, Pari. She feels a special connection with this lost aunt, mostly because they share the same name, but there was something more to it. She listened deeply to the re-telling of the loss of her aunt Pari and although she “couldn’t wholly understand, linked beyond ” (348).

Pari (Abdullah’s daughter) picks up her aunt Pari Wahdati from the airport. They discuss the amazing opportunity it is to finally meet and put together the missing pieces of each of their life’s history. It is revealed that young Pari is her father’s caregiver.

In Pari’s thoughts, she remembers the “saintly” descriptions many people have given her about the sacrifices she has made to take care of her parents. First her mother, and now her father. “But is to be free of him and his petulance and neediness” (357).

In a flashback, Pari reminisces of the struggle in being raised a Muslim girl in Western culture. Her father made her take Farsi lessons, but would not allow her to try for the volleyball team citing work as his excuse. Pari was only unfettered in her mind where she daydreamed about a blonde boy named Jeremy. However, she knew they could not be together.

Her parents owned and operated a restaurant, Abe’s Kabob…

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