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Margaret Peterson Haddix


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2008

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Chapters 15-18Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 15 Summary

Katherine and Chip keep researching without Jonah, who refuses to listen to any of their updates. Chip and Katherine call the survivors. All of them were adopted, are around 13 years old, and “got the letters too” (129). The survivors also all live in the same general area as Jonah and Chip. There is one girl on the list, Daniella McCarthy, who has two addresses—a new one in Chip and Jonah’s city and an old one hundreds of miles away. Chip calls the old address and is surprised when Daniella picks up. Chip asks about the new address, but Daniella does not know what he is talking about. She hangs up but calls back a minute later to ask how Chip knew she was moving when her parents did not know until yesterday. He and Chip are baffled that the FBI knew Daniella’s family was going to move days before her parents decided to buy a house. The chapter ends with them realizing the FBI would not know “[u]nless they’re the ones making her move” (142).

Chapter 16 Summary

Chip wants to call all the kids on the list back with this new information and asked why they moved. Katherine is too cheerful, and Chip asks Jonah to help instead, reminding Jonah of his promise to help.