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Margaret Peterson Haddix


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2008

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Chapters 22-24Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 22 Summary

Jonah and Katherine go to Chip’s house, where the three make lists of information that they will destroy when they are done. They try to get Angela’s number from Information to check in with her, but the operator tells them there is not “a listing for any A. or Angela DuPre anywhere in the city” (207). The three have more questions than answers. They speculate on why someone would come to their point in time, and Jonah thinks there might be “something big that’s about to happen here that we don’t know about” (209). They also wonder about the connection to the kids on the plane and if they can figure everything out before it is too late.

Chapter 23 Summary

Over the next week, Jonah, Katherine, and Chip execute ideas that produce no results. Chip tries to call Daniella McCarthy again, but her old number has been disconnected. Out of desperation, Jonah writes JB a note saying they “could use a little help here” (212). He then tears up the note, figuring it is unsafe and will not yield results anyway. A flier for a conference comes in the mail. The conference is aimed at adopted kids entering their teens.