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Margaret Peterson Haddix


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2008

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Chapters 19-21Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 19 Summary

Jonah thinks Angela is crazy. He tries to come up with an excuse to end the meeting, but two fighting men appear from nowhere before Jonah can figure anything out—one of them is JB. He urges the kids to run and tells Angela “we have wronged you in time” (178). Jonah, Chip, and Katherine make a getaway out the room’s window. Right before Jonah goes out, JB warns him to be “[c]areful where you leave anything that could be seen later” (179). The three get their bikes and start for home, but Jonah slams on his breaks before he gets very far.

Chapter 20 Summary

Jonah cannot leave Angela behind. He goes back to the conference room to help her, but she is gone. The room is empty, and the furniture is neat, “as if it had never been knocked off-kilter by struggling men” (182). Out the window, Jonah sees Angela in the parking lot. She takes a step and disappears. Jonah searches the entire library, but there is no sign of JB or the other man. Back outside, Katherine asks if Angela is all right. Jonah does not know, and he thinks “she went into a time warp” (186).