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Margaret Peterson Haddix


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2008

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Chapters 8-10Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 8 Summary

Jonah panics. He can’t fathom how James Reardon is associated with both Jonah and Chip, since “Chip was adopted through a different agency and lived in Illinois his whole life until now” (69). Jonah’s dad wants to set up a meeting with Reardon. Jonah badly wants to say no, but he agrees.

Chapter 9 Summary

Three days later, Jonah, Katherine, and their parents meet with Reardon. While they’re waiting, a janitor gives Jonah an extra bottle of Mountain Dew that came out of the vending machine. Jonah feels like the conversation with the janitor is “weird and fake” (75). Jonah drinks the entire bottle before the meeting with Reardon. Reardon is cryptic about his association with Jonah’s life. Jonah’s parents press for more information, and Reardon responds with bullying and hints that Jonah may not belong in the United States. Jonah’s dad threatens to sue. Reardon responds with a backhanded threat to revisit Jonah’s case where he might “discover some unfortunate discrepancies” (86). Jonah feels sick. He runs for the bathroom and makes it just in time to vomit. An unfamiliar voice apologizes for Jonah being sick.