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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor


Fiction | Novella | Middle Grade | Published in 1991

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Chapters 13-15

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 13 Summary

Marty desperately tries to think of ways to save Shiloh, like finding a new hiding place, or giving Shiloh to David to take to distant relatives. Marty considers reporting Judd’s animal abuse to the county, but Dad says they have no proof. Marty’s parents are no help. Dad simply tells him to “do what has to be done” (107), and Ma’s consolation that Marty at least made Shiloh happy for a brief time is bittersweet. Marty decides to visit Judd and give him an ultimatum. Marty will refuse to give the beagle back. If Judd disagrees, Marty will take him to court on animal cruelty charges. On his way to Judd’s house, Marty sees a doe grazing in a meadow. He hears rifle shots and sees the doe drop dead. Moments later, Judd Travers steps out of the woods. Marty realizes that Judd illegally shot the doe.

Chapter 14 Summary

Marty confronts Judd, saying he saw the whole thing, and knows that Judd shot the doe out of season. If Marty tells the game warden, Judd faces a $200 fine. Judd is furious. Marty realizes that he suddenly has leverage over Judd. When Judd offers Marty half of the deer meat to keep quiet, Marty says he does not want the meat, he wants Shiloh.