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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor


Fiction | Novella | Middle Grade | Published in 1991

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Chapters 4-6

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 4 Summary

Marty remembers finding a dead beagle in the woods with a bullet hole in its head and wonders if Judd shot one of his dogs simply because he disliked it. Marty’s dad declares that people cannot just shoot dogs, and it would be up to the sheriff to investigate the matter, if such a thing happened. He advises Marty to forget Shiloh, but Marty cannot. Marty worries about Shiloh, wonders whether Judd would even sell Shiloh, and how he could afford to feed him. Marty’s family is not “rock-poor,” but all their spare money goes to caring for their ailing Grandma Preston. One morning Marty hears a soft sound outside and knows it is Shiloh. He realizes two things: that Shiloh has run away from Judd, and that Marty is not going to return him. Marty makes a pen for Shiloh in the woods, sneaks him some supper, and promises Shiloh he will never let Judd hurt him again. 

Chapter 5 Summary

Marty’s biggest problem is getting enough food to feed Shiloh. When he brings Shiloh a biscuit in the morning, the beagle greets him with excitement and joy. Together they have fun running and playing in the woods, though Marty informs Dad he spent the day looking for ground hogs.