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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor


Fiction | Novella | Middle Grade | Published in 1991

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Essay Topics


Shiloh takes place in rural West Virginia, and the characters speak unique regional dialect. Some critics dislike Naylor’s use of dialect, thinking it makes the novel harder to understand. Do you agree or disagree with this criticism? How do the setting and the characters’ speech influence the novel? Could you imagine the story taking place anywhere else? Explain.


Do you think Marty was right in his decision to keep Shiloh secret, and lie to his parents and others? Why or why not? Do you believe it is ever right to tell a lie? Discuss.


How does Judd Travers feel about Marty at the beginning of the novel? Do you think that Judd feels differently about Marty at the end of the story? Give evidence to support your answer.

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