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Katherine Anne Porter

The Jilting of Granny Weatherall

Fiction | Short Story | Adult | Published in 1929

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Important Quotes

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“That’s no way to speak to a woman nearly eighty years old just because she’s down. I’d have you respect your elders, young man.”

(Paragraph 3)

This quote showcases Granny’s pride and her desire for dignity, even in her weakened state. It underscores Granny’s demand for respect despite being elderly, as well as her insistence on being recognized and valued for her life experience.

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“Well, and what if she was? She still had ears.”

(Paragraph 10)

This quote challenges the notion that Granny’s age justifies dismissive or disrespectful treatment. It emphasizes that Granny is still capable of perceiving and hearing what is being said around her, despite her physical state. This statement—and by extension Granny herself—asserts the importance of recognizing her humanity and respecting her.

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“[Cornelia] was always being tactful and kind. Cornelia was dutiful; that was the trouble with her. Dutiful and good; ‘So good and dutiful,’ said Granny, ‘that I’d like to spank her.’ She saw herself spanking Cornelia and making a fine job of it.”

(Paragraph 10)

The quote provides insight into Granny’s complex emotions toward her daughter Cornelia. It reveals her conflicting feelings of admiration and frustration, as well as her longing for autonomy and a sense of control. The quote adds depth to their relationship dynamic and contributes to the nuanced portrayal of Granny’s character.