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Lisa McMann

The Unwanteds

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2011

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Discussion/Analysis Prompt

What are the differences between Artimé and Quill? Before responding, you may want to reflect on these points:

  • How are the people in Artimé and Quill different in their behavior?
  • Why is Quill considered Authoritarian?
  • Why makes Artimé different from Quill in the way it is governed?
  • What role do the leaders play in the way the two places treat the occupants?
  • What flaws can the reader find in Artimé even though it is considered better than Quill?
  • What role does creativity play in the two worlds?

Teaching Suggestion: Consider asking students to connect their responses to specific sections of the novel. Students may benefit from additional time to record written responses to the bulleted questions in their reading journals prior to class discussion.

Differentiation Suggestion: Students with executive functioning challenges, or those who are practicing their skills in analysis of book-length texts, might benefit from working with a partner or small group to brainstorm answers to the questions prior to class discussion. If students will be responding in writing, a chart or other graphic organizer with the bulleted questions as headings might be a useful place to gather thoughts and information.