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Lisa McMann

The Unwanteds

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2011

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Answer Key

Chapters 1-16

Reading Check

1. The Unwanted boy (Chapters 1-4)

2. The Death Farm (Chapters 1-4)

3. Artimé (Chapters 5-8)

4. Singing (Chapters 9-12)

5. Aaron (Chapters 9-12)

6. High Priest Justine (Various Chapters)

Short Answer

1. The people in Quill do not want anyone to step out of line. Creative thinking would lead not only to magic, but to people exercising autonomy in decision-making, rather than relying on the government to decide things for them. (Various Chapters)

2. Samheed displays the characteristics of someone who stands up for what he believes in or acts out in anger when he disagrees. This is surprising to the children because they are not permitted to act this way in Quill without harsh consequences. (Chapters 5-8)

3. Alex feels left behind because he has not yet advanced to Magical Warrior Training while all his friends have. Alex is also concerned for his brother Aaron and misses him. (Various Chapters)

Chapters 17-32

Reading Check

1. Paperclips (Chapters 17-20)

2. A winged cheetah statue (Chapters 21-24)

3. Reading (Chapters 25-28)

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