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Lisa McMann

The Unwanteds

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2011

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Exam Answer Key

Multiple Choice

1. D (Various Chapters)

2. D (Various Chapters)

3. A (Various Chapters)

4. B (Various Chapters)

5. A (Various Chapters)

6. C (Various Chapters)

7. B (Various Chapters)

8. A (Various Chapters)

9. C (Various Chapters)

10. D (Various Chapters)

Long Answer

1. Aaron is favored by his parents while Alex is seen as an outcast and a disappointment to his parents. Aaron feels the need to please his parents by being part of Quill society. Alex does not feel this pressure because he never got along with his parents in the first place. (Various Chapters)

2. Creativity is generative: it leads to new learning and discoveries. It is also closely associated with freedom, which is highly valued in Artimé. (Various Chapters)