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Isabel Allende


Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2005

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Part 3Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 3: “Barcelona, 1812-1814”

Part 3, Pages 167-194 Summary

After some reflections on Diego’s romantic entanglements, the narrator continues the story in 1812, with the position of the French rapidly weakening in the wake of Napoleon Bonaparte’s defeat in Russia. Eulalia de Callís sends her nephew Moncada on a business trip to the Antilles, but before leaving he announces to de Romeu his intentions to ask for Juliana’s hand upon his return. Both de Romeu and Juliana meet the news with minimal enthusiasm. Diego, happy to have his rival temporarily out of the way, tries even harder to impress Juliana.

With the end of the French occupation approaching, Moncada returns from the Antilles and formally asks de Romeu for Juliana’s hand. De Romeu conveys the proposal to Juliana, who asks for more time to consider. One day, while Juliana, Isabel, and Nuria are out in the city to do charity work, they are attacked by a group of armed robbers. There is then, however, the seemingly fortuitous arrival of Moncada, who drives the robbers away. Following this episode, Juliana begins to warm to the idea of marrying Moncada, but Isabel and Diego are suspicious. Finally, after talking to Amalia, Diego discovers the truth: that Moncada paid a few Romani to stage a robbery so that he could “save” the three women and appear heroic.