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Brendan Kiely, Jason Reynolds

All American Boys

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2015

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Exam Answer Key

Multiple Choice

1. B (Chapter 1)

2. C (Chapter 9)

3. C (Chapter 12)

4. A (Chapter 9)

5. B (Chapter 5)

6. B (Chapter 15)

7. C (Chapter 14)

8. D (Chapter 15)

9. C (Chapter 16)

10. B (Chapter 17)

11. A (Chapter 1)

12. D (Chapter 2)

13. B (Chapter 11)

14. B (Chapter 7)

Long Answer

1. Quinn realizes that while he seemingly can walk away from racism, others cannot; he is in fact privileged by his skin color. Through speaking with Jill, he concludes that his white skin color is like a “shield”; he can choose to walk away without being affected by racism or discrimination. (Chapter 9)

2. Quinn struggles to speak up because of his personal relationship with Guzzo and Officer Galluzzo. Paul helped to take care of Quinn when Quinn’s father passed away; however, Quinn now disagrees with Paul’s actions and works toward acting on his convictions by attending the march.