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Brendan Kiely, Jason Reynolds

All American Boys

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2015

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Reading Context

Use these questions or activities to help gauge students’ familiarity with and spark their interest in the context of the work, giving them an entry point into the text itself.

Short Answer

1. What does it mean to be “all-American”? Consider factors such as culture, religion, personality, social status, and ethnicity. In what situations or contexts might this term be used, and by whom? Who decides what is and is not American, and who, potentially, is left out of that conversation?

Teaching Suggestion: It may be helpful to acknowledge and discuss the concept of personal identity before asking for thoughts on a generalized label like “all-American.” Once students have a chance to note their thoughts on the question, the class might compile individual responses on the board or display in a way that visually demonstrates the connections between ideas. This prompt serves to introduce the novel’s theme of What It Means to Be All-American.