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Brendan Kiely, Jason Reynolds

All American Boys

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2015

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Answer Key

Chapters 1-4  

Reading Check

1. ROTC (Chapter 1)

2. Reach in his duffel bag for his phone (Chapter 1)

3. He roughly handcuffs and searches Rashad, then assaults him when Rashad moves. (Chapter 1)

4. Quinn (Chapter 2)

5. Recruitment for basketball (Chapter 2)

Short Answer

1. Rashad’s father believes that joining the army is one of the best opportunities for Black youth. Rashad’s father was also in the military for short time and was a police officer. (Chapter 1)

2. Paul views Rashad as a person who would steal from a store based on Rashad’s race. (Chapter 1)

3. Spoony believes in fighting back against institutionalized racism—especially in the police force. His father (having been on the force) believes that Rashad must have talked back, resisted, and “asked for this.” Their opposing viewpoints create friction. (Chapter 3)

4. Quinn’s father died in Afghanistan, so Quinn’s mother relies on him to help take care of the household and his younger brother. (Chapter 4)

5. Quinn is feeling torn about Paul because when Quinn’s father died, Paul took on a mentor-like role; for example, Paul helped lead Quinn in basketball drills, an activity that Quinn treasures and views as part of his identity.